Genesis Service Dogs relies on a team of volunteers to keep our dogs healthy, safe, trained and loved throughout their working lives.

Puppy Raisers: From 8 weeks to 18 months, service dog puppies grow up learning to behave well at home and in public. They need to learn obedience- from the basics to the advanced, and form strong human bonds. Puppy raisers provide the love, training and care to take them through this critical and fun part of their career. Learn more here: Puppy Raising.

Puppy-Sitters: Substitute puppy raisers take dogs for a few days or a few weeks to support puppy raisers that need to travel or face unexpected schedule problems. Sit as often or occasionally as you like. Learn more here: Puppy Sitting.

Breeder Keepers: Our breeders are selected after they have finished the puppy raising experience. They live with you as pets, relying on you to give them lots of daily exercise, maintenance training, good health and plenty of love. Learn more by contacting us!

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