*We had a successful litter of 12 puppies on 10-16-2013! We are selling 3-5 of these puppies, the others will be kept for training. Those that are not kept for training will be available for adoption around 12-16-2013. If you are interested in these puppies, just let us know*


At Genesis Service Dogs, we set an extremely high standard for our breeding and working dog candidates. In order to meet this standard on a regular basis, we must breed plenty of dogs and carefully select only premium pups for breeding watch and service dog potential.


As a result, we often have puppies available that are not needed or not suitable for our program, which are offered for adoption as outstanding pets. Puppies for sale are not defective or ill-tempered. In fact, most are not selected simply because we had a larger than expected litter, our timing did not match up well with that of our client agencies, the puppy appears too shy to enjoy the public life of service dogs, or because the dog’s characteristics are not what we are looking for future breeding. These dogs make excellent pet dogs. Pups from each litter that are not selected for breeding watch or are not currently needed by service dog schools are offered for adoption to loving homes.


Your adoption fee for a Genesis Labradoodle puppy off-sets our veterinary and other operating costs and aids us greatly in achieving our mission.


To facilitate the success of our service dog puppies, our pups are whelped in the homes of GSD founders with a careful balance of relaxing childhood and positive early conditioning.  We use the renowned Super Dog program for early stimulation of puppies’ nervous, immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Our puppies are carefully handled from the day of their birth by GSD staff, and then gradually introduced to the widest array of people, pets, sensory experiences and locations we can safely provide. In every state of its early development, we seek to give the puppy enough stimulation to foster healthy development, but not so much that we overwhelm the puppy or diminish the confidence of softer pups.

Check back here periodically to see if we have any puppies available for adoption as family pets, if thats not soon enough, feel free to contact us to inquire about the next planned litter.



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One Response to “Puppies for Sale”

  1. andrea_gib December 20, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    First, do you provide service dogs for the Detroit, Metropolitan area. I live in Detroit, Michigan and have been a diabetic since 1991. I am looking for a service dog. I have had wide fluctuations in blood sugars readings and I feel a service dog would be able to alert me to lows and high blood sugars.

    If you do not service this geographic area, would you know of an organization who could provide a service dog here in the Detroit area?

    Thank you, Andrea

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